Growing Up Cold

Stories from Benton Fraser's Childhood

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A place to collect all of Benton Fraser's childhood stories. The community is an offshoot of The Chronology Project. It is designed as a counterpoint to ds_inuit_tales. This is for all stories about Pre-Chicago Benton Fraser that don't involve the Inuit.

Standard Research Community policies apply. Please accompany each anecdote with the episode it came from in the format "Title" (Season # x Episode #), and please tag each entry with both the season the story was mentioned and the stage of his life it refers to.

Ages will be standardized as follows. Child: birth - 12. Teen: 13-19. RCMP: 20-Chicago.

Thank you in advance for your help.

As a general notice for clarification: This is a research community. That means we're looking for canon information only. There are many other venues for fic, and we encourage you to exercise your creative impulses there. But the object of this project is to create a working archive of canon facts. Again, thank you for your patience and help.